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play nfsu2 demo without install

Does anybody know how to play the need for speed underground 2 demo without installing, like put it on a cd and play from cd, I tried it but it doesn't work. I want to do this because at my school we can't install game, it say that we doesn't have the administrator right to install game, but I want to play it.
We can play game on computer of school, we have the right to play game, but we can not install game on the computer, we don't have the right. Because if the give us the right to install some game, all student will install game and the computer will have no enought space, but I know there is a way to play because some student play the Unreal Tournement demo on the computer but it is not install, it is in a folder, but I tried it with need for speed underground 2 demo and when I start it, an error repport appear.

please help me

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You could try to installing to a big fat memory stick, but I doubt that will work. The reason you're having problems is because it needs to write to the registry, which you can't get around without permissions, so essentially, you are screwed.
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look on my computer right now i have quake 3. this is not installed on my computer it is running from a folder. i also have wolfenstein3d and doom running this way. at my school we do the same thing by running from folders. ill ask my buddy how he did it and post it here tuesday...
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