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Stuck in Las Venturas of San Andreas! Help!

I need to get a key card from a girl in order to attack a bank.
When I approach the girl, the message from the girl is
"you need to show style to impress, dude".
What should I do?

Please help!
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The mission youre on is Key To Her Heart, you need to start a relationship with her to get a key card from her.

I never had that message as i always had enough sex appeal. Try buying trendy clothes, do some weight lifting and lose some weight to build up sex appeal.

If you get sick of trying to get her to fall in love with you you can kill her, go to the back of her house and get the key card. I couldnt bring myself to kill her but the girlfriend stuff in GTA SA can be annoying some times. If you can find a sex toy (!) (in the police station shower) she likes that as a gift.

Style to impress could also mean you need to find a gimp suit, a guy in the suit comes to her house at some point, kill him and take his costume. youre guaranteed a good date wearing that. The guy in the gimp suit will also drop a sex toy i think.

Sorry i cant be more exact, im in work at the moment but have the game guide at home.
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